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I think this has a great concept. Hes both a ecopath and a technopath. A very origanal idea. Also the ability to cook anything sounds i...



Joey Tripp Nimmo
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Not much to say other than I'm a sprite comic artist, (I consider Sprite comics a form of art) a Claymation Animator, A writer and a friend for life to any who become my friend.

Current Residence: My home
Operating System: PC
Shell of choice: Turtle
Favourite cartoon character: Flicker from Blazing Dragons, Chowder, Ben Ten, Many more.
Personal Quote: "Don't try to stop my dreams! No one can."
I can't believe what I just found. This is a fire to a flame for sure and not one of those that keep a firebox burning and making steam. No I just found something that will allow more factual railway dealings for those who love a certain creepypasta.

We all know the story.

'psycho chord chimes'

Narrator: And every year on the dat of the accident it runs again as a warning to others! Plunging into the gap, Wailing like a lost soul!

'steam fades us into a quarry scene and the figure of a small green tank engine can be se seen.'

Thomas: Percy what are you talking about?!

Percy: The Ghost Train, Driver saw it last night.

Thomas: Where?

Percy: He didn't say oh it makes my wheels wobble to think of it.

Ghost Train a harmless story about a little engine who is mocked for being scared and finds a way to give payback to the one who mocked him. Many of us have watched it hundreds of times and some claim to have seen a darker version of the story.

For some claim that they have seen a extended version of the story where instead of a model of Percy being covered in cotton puffing down the Viaduct at night playing the ghost it is much more frightful.

They claim to have seen a engine pull into a station grey with red stripes for the livery it wears. The engine is a older member of the E2 class like Thomas only without the characteristic extensions of his side tanks. The engine has a old wrinkled face and it's teeth are crooked as it closes it's eyes to wait for it's passengers to board it's train.

All seems well till the conductor/gaurd blows his whistle to let the train proceed. The driver at first has no luck getting the engine to move and has to coax the engine to start. The engines eyes are now open but the face no longer looks like a kind old man's. Now the face seems sinister with a scowl on it's face.

Driver(encouragingly): Come along boy we don't want to make the passengers late? Now do we?

Engine  (somber and somewhat dry): Of course not driver. That would never do.

The engines wheels start to turn and the train heads off into the night. A fog rolls in as it puffs away but for the first time we see it's number painted in yellow and red on it's Sidetanks. The number 0.

If you've stuck with me so far you'll recognize that I am referring to "The Terrible Story of Timothy" Creepypasta about a locomotive who decides to run himself and his whole train off a unfinished bridge and laugh as he becomes a demon.

To all railway fans the truth is plain as day. This never happened as one back when this "Extended" version of the Ghost Train story was supposedly aired the Rev. W. Awdry was still very much alive and he would have taken all of the rights that Britt Alcroft had to make the series if they had pulled a stunt like that, Two they didn't adapt a story from the book about Donald and Douglas because it was deemed too complicated for a child to understand, three the team who made the series were straped for cash as it was and onlt had one model of a engine that could play the part and lastly the Number 0 is never used as a Locomotive ID number on any railway.

Or so I had thout on that last one. But I just found that a industrial tank engine was given this very number due to a mix up. At first the engine had been number 1 of it's railway till they took delivery of what would have been engine number 10 arrived with just the number 1 on it's nameplate. Now having two locomotives with the same number is a big no no on railways a example being the UP Steam engine 844 having to take on a extra 4 to her number to avoid confusion with a diesel engine that was working at the time.

Unfortunately the plates on both engines had only room for a single number. It was decided to chisel the first engine 1's plate out to leave a flat surface and then the number 0 Screwed and bolted into place where the one had been.

Why do I bring this up when I know it's a stupid urban legend that took on a life of it's own? Because for a good long time my biggest piece of evidence that the story was way too far from anything realistic (Yes up to season five most of the stories could and did happen save for the few odd ball ones like a perfectly round boulder somehow being on top of a mountain) was the fact that locomotives never wore 0 as a running number. Now thats shattered to bits and I'm a bleeding hypocrite on every single place I have discussed the matter on since the whole lesson from said message was for those who support the silly story to do more research.

I know I don't know everything but I never thought I was wrong on this one fact. Now I am and I come off as a jerk most likely to those I said this to. I wasn't trying to be rude I only wanted to explain that to those who think they remember that longer start to Ghost Train that it was not possible and yeah I just feel stupid now.

Also for proof of my incorrectness here is a link to where I found it out my self.

  • Listening to: We are number one only it's Godzilla and animated
  • Reading: Transformers Wiki
  • Watching: who knows in the next ten mins.
  • Playing: Trainz Sim
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper


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Grazie per il watch
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Anche scusa se la traduzione è spento Io non sono un oratore fluente della lingua italiana. Abbiamo dovuto usare google traduttore.
Iryna94 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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We rail fans have to stick together. Especially the smart ones who don't get too close without permission.
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Your very welcome. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes too.
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